A Mothers Cry Art Exhibit

The Art Under The Spire committee is proud to announce a new exhibit now hanging in the Reid Chapel gallery. The exhibit consists of portraits by William Brown, son of Millie Brown. Millie is the founder of A Mother’s Cry, an organization dedicated to the support of women who have lost a child to violence on the streets of Baltimore. Practical as well as emotional support is provided for these mothers who often have nowhere else to turn.
As one of the initiatives of A Mother’s Cry, William uses his skill as an artist to paint portraits of these homicide victims in order to provide emotional support for their families. Art Under The Spire has arranged for William to provide us with 16 portraits to hang in Reid Chapel. We are hopeful that this exhibit will bring attention to the humanity of the victims as well as compassion for their families.
In order to support this exhibit, we sought sponsors for William’s work. A donation of $100 each covered the cost of each portrait, including materials. If you would like to participate or need more information, please email Jean Trout at jtrou46@gmail.com

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