Alternative Christmas Market 2017

As the commercial world turns towards the holidays, we are turning to the Alternative Christmas Market on December 3rd and 10th.  For more than two decades First & Franklin has invited the community to this festive event. There will be music, good food (please consider making a treat to bring to the event and share with the community), plenty of friends, and many organizations to learn about and to support year-round. The first week’s market will feature crafts from 10,000 Villages with representatives from many of our featured groups, and the second week's market will be members of the First & Franklin community representing and collecting donations of time or money.

The Alternative Christmas Market is a way to fund good work in our community and around the globe while still crossing all those names off your list. Give a handsome card to your near and dear and do good by purchasing Christmas cards from the mission and social justice organizations and the Market. Your donations will go directly to the programs. This year we will also be offering the opportunity to give the gift of time in service as well as donation. Several organizations will have sign-ups to volunteer in the honor of a loved one. Something that is truly priceless.

Cash or checks will be accepted for payment.

A second chance will occur on Sunday, Dec. 10th but will be a scaled back version without the representatives in attendance.

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