Capital Campaign

Please join us in this exciting undertaking.  Any contribution is treasured.  We do this work not just for the preservation of our beautiful and beloved buildings, but because we dream of a great future of devotion to God, service, creativity, and adventure for our historic church.  We renew and restore not just our campus, but our hearts as well, building on the traditions of our faith as we face new challenges and opportunities.

To continue our tradition of bold and innovative service and witness in the city, we are moving forward with the second phase and the third phase in years to come.  The costs for this project will be significant. Some of our members have already pledged their contributions to the second phase of the project, believing that the work on Hodge House will allow ever-greater hospitality and mission opportunities.

We welcome and deeply appreciate contributions from members, friends, visitors, and anyone who wishes to join us in the exciting challenge of enhancing our buildings and protecting our history. Through our commitment today, we can ensure that our church will remain a vibrant presence at the corner of Park and Madison for centuries to come.

Please contact stewardship if you would like to discuss how you might take part.

Thank You

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