Opportunities For Giving

Week after week, with the help of members, friends and visitors, we offer a high quality service of worship with sermons that lift and educate and with music to make the angels weep, all in a setting which is awe inspiring.  We have a talented and committed staff that encourages study and learning and offers pastoral care through visits, prayers, and emails.

We have committed members who beautify the church grounds; work for equality for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender persons; work for Habitat for Humanity; support art and music programs; and mentor youth. (see Service for more.)

Our vision is to be a gathering place for all people, and we are moving in that direction.

You can help. You can share both your time and money.  To volunteer your time, contact the office.

Some individuals may wish to contribute to the life of this church through planned giving, a will, or an estate.  For  more information, contact Haswell Franklin.

You have a part to play, you matter, and your gifts matter. 

Thank You

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