Food Pantry | July 25, 2020

A good day of food distribution at First & Franklin Presbyterian Church! Corena Bridges, Randy Veale, Diane Newman, Rob Hoch, Gwendoline Hoch, and Imogen Hoch packed bags and distributed bags of groceries on the Park Avenue side of the church. All told, we distributed around 20 bags to Baltimore citizens. Randy and Rob drove over to the 21217 area code and shared the generosity of this community to any who had need. Thank you to all the volunteers and for the donations! Please join us next week, same time and the same place (from 12-2 p.m. on the Park Ave side of the church) to organize donations, bag groceries, distribute, and enjoy the fellowship of this curbside ministry. We have also received a generous financial donation so that we will need shoppers. Need more information? Sabrina Schumann can help! Call the church office at 410 728 5545.