Guest Preacher Sermons

January 7, 2024 – What Prevents Me from Being Baptized?

January 8, 2024

A sermon preached by Rev. Stephen Hollaway What Prevents Me from Being Baptized? Acts 8:26-39 How is it that the Christian message was made known to Gentiles? How did a…

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October 15, 2023 Sermon – Truth or Consequences

October 16, 2023

Rev. Rhonda Cooper First & Franklin Presbyterian Church October 15, 2023 Philippians 4:1-9 John 13:34-35 I have learned from the newspapers that we as Americans have a First Amendment right…

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June 18, 2023 Sermon: What Kind of Harvest

June 22, 2023

Dorothy Churn LaPenta First and Franklin Street Presbyterian Church June 18, 2023 Exodus 19: 2-8 Matthew 9:35-10:8 There’s a lot going on- as if you didn’t know.  Yes, it is…

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June 4, 2023 Sermon: What’s In a Story?

June 6, 2023

Rev. Janine Zabriskie First & Franklin Presbyterian Church June 4, 2023   The creation story. If you spent any time at all in Sunday school as a child, you’ve heard…

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April 2, 2023 Sermon: Of The Same Mind

April 3, 2023

Dorothy Churn LaPenta First and Franklin Presbyterian Church Palm Sunday April 2, 2023 Philippians 2: 5-11 We’re beginning to hear echoes of resurrection.  Maybe you have heard the choir practicing. …

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March 12, 2023 Sermon: The Water Locks of Life

March 14, 2023

By Rev. Renee Mackey I fulfilled one of my dreams a few months ago and went part-way through the Panama Canal ending in Gatun Lake and then exiting through the…

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Hospitality at Jesus’ Table

August 1, 2021

“Hospitality at Jesus’ Table” Rev. Jack Hodges August 1, 2021 First & Franklin Presbyterian Church The Prayer for Understanding: O Holy Spirit of God: You have gone before us, You…

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