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Pastor & Head of Staff

We are conducting a search for our next Pastor & Head of Staff.

If you have pastoral needs, please email and one of our supporting pastors will reach out to you.


Jason Kissel

Minister of Music & Organist

410-728-5545, ext. 17  | 

Jason Kissel is Minister of Music & Arts/Organist at First & Franklin Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland where he conducts the Sanctuary Choir and works closely with…

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Deborah McCrimmon

Deborah McCrimmon

Director of Christian Arts & Education

410-728-5545 | 

George Meagher

George Meagher


410-728-5545 | 

Anna Pollitt

Anna Pollitt

Office Administrator

Anna is the Office Administrator at First & Franklin. She has a background in teaching, with degrees in Music Education and Vocal Performance from Lebanon Valley College. Anna served for six years as a general music teacher in private schools such as Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences and Baltimore Lab School. She was also a soprano section leader in the First & Franklin Sanctuary choir from 2015-2018.

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Ruling Elders
Class of 2022

Marianne Shick

Sarah Lloyd

Dave Pierson

Ruling Elders
Class of 2023

John McLucas

Joan Gordon

Becca Hollaway

Ruling Elders
Class of 2024

Allie Pyan

Paul Fowler

Alex Mendelsohn

Church Deacons

Anne Culbertson (class of 2024)

Nusrat David (class of 2022)

Marla Holt (class of 2023)

Muddassar Iqbal (class of 2022)

Mike Johnson (class of 2024

Randy Veale, Jr. (class of 2023)