An integral part of the Baltimore skyline, First and Franklin Presbyterian Church is an exquisite example of the Flamboyant Gothic Revival style. Erected between 1854 and 1859, our building is on both the Maryland and National Registries of Historic Buildings and boasts the tallest steeple in the City of Baltimore at 273 feet, which was completed in 1879. Constructed using structural iron and rose colored New Brunswick freestone, the exterior of the building is meant to evoke the Gothic ideals of holy flames reaching to the heavens.

The interior sanctuary of our building is equally as impressive. The triple vaulted ceilings feature massive plaster pendants and intricate vault ribbing that draws your eye upwards to the heavens. Considered one of the finest examples of Victorian plaster interiors in the United States, our sanctuary is complemented by enormous stained glass windows, which were dedicated between 1875 and 1946. Three of West windows were executed by the famed Tiffany and Co. of New York City and add an ethereal quality to the light in the sanctuary.