We believe First & Franklin is a vital sign and community dedicated to God’s presence in Baltimore.

All our gifts to the church are an expression of its place in our lives, and our commitment to the work God is enabling here. As you prayerfully consider your financial giving for this new year, 2022, we wish to offer a few thoughts.

 First, many members pledged less than a year ago when we were still using a July to June fiscal year. If you wish to continue that pledge, simply note that.

Second, a reminder that a pledge isn’t a contract, “sign on the dotted line.”  A pledge is a covenant that we make together with God for our common life. Your pledge represents the financial side your regular gifts of care, prayer, talents and time to this congregation. The number we report to the IRS for giving to First & Franklin would include both our fulfilled financial pledge plus any special monetary gifts we may make during the year. The pledge is our expected minimum contribution, and helps Session set a baseline of expected revenue as it plans the budget.

 We all understand that life circumstances change. You may find that you’re living leaner than you had expected and need to adjust your pledge to reflect those circumstances. In other seasons of life, you may find yourself saying, “You know, I’m in a stronger financial position than I was when I turned in my pledge. I’d like to increase my pledge.” Either way, if you find you need to change your pledge for any reason, simply reach out to the church office.

 If you choose to pledge online, please use the form below. You should also receive a pledge card in the mail, should you prefer to make your pledge that way. Given the change in budget year we request that all pledges are received if possible by the Annual Meeting on February 6th, 2022, but we will continue to welcome them through February.


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2022 Pledge Form (1)

Pledge form
  • To help support the mission and worship life of First & Franklin Presbyterian Church, I pledge to donate the above amount.
  • Please indicate the interval for your pledge (ex. $100 a week or $400 a month).