The central doctrine of the Christian faith is the resurrection. Christians affirm their common faith in their attitude toward death and in their witness during the approach and experience of death. The reality of death, with all of its attendant sorrow and sense of loss, must be anticipated for us all, and there must be created the kind of health of mind and spirit that allows Christians to live their faith in this critical area of human existence. Christians should seek to make the occasion of death a time in which they reaffirm with the joy the hope of the gospel.

For people with strong church family ties, the funeral or memorial service should be held in the church sanctuary. The Christian funeral is understood as a service of worship, therefore, except for compelling reasons the ambiance, architecture and the association with major rites of passage (ie., baptisms, confirmations, weddings), makes the church sanctuary the preferred location.

The building is always available to members and their families at no charge, and the minister and organist are extremely flexible with scheduling such.

If you would like further information about planning a funeral at First & Franklin for a loved one or how to pre-plan such a service for yourself please contact the church office by emailing or calling 410-728-5545

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